Stock Judging


What is Stock Judging?

In a nutshell, it's about trying your skill at judging the quaility of livestock and having fun at the same time.

How does it work?

The scoring, I'm told, is complicated, but you don't have to worry about that. All participants need to do is list each batch of livestock on their score card in order - with the highest quality ones (likely to fetch the highest prices at market) first.

After all of the batches of livestock have been through the pens, the participants hand in their cards and their judging is compared with that of a professional livetock judge, then the results are declared. There are seperate categories for overall, ladies and children.

Can Anyone Come?

Absolutely! It's a family friendly event and you don't have to be involved in farming to have a go. Just use your instinct, or if you're not sure a local farmer will be happy to tell you what to look for (don't expect them to show you their score cards 'though!).

In the past, the event has been hosted by local farmers or at the the Ben Nevis Auction Market. We'll post details here when the date and venue of the next Judging is decided.

How Much Does it Cost?

Anybody is free to come along and watch. There's a small charge to participate (free for children). All proceeds go towards hosting the next Agricultural Show.

When and Where is the next one?

The next Stock Judging will be on 25th May at the Auction Market, Torlundy. Time TBC..


2017 Results:


1st 359 Roddy Macleod - Moy
2nd 354 Donald MacColl - Insch
3rd 350 Robert Langan - Inverroy
4th 347 Sean Cameron - Banavie


1st 332 Anne Macdonald - Arisaig
2nd 309 Cathy MacColl - Insch
3rd 295 Rachel Curtis - Roy Bridge
4th 291 Emma Sessions - Roughburn


1st 304 Mairi Duncan - Langal
2nd 287 Jake Sessions - Roughburn
3rd= 284 Davy Duncan - Langal
3rd= 284 Fergus Berardelli - Achindaul
4th 283 Freddy Fulford - Erracht
5th= Cameron MacIsaac - Roy Bridge
5th= Mosella Curtis - Roy Bridge

Judge: Stewart Gordon

Thank you to all of those who contributed to this years event.

Stock Judging Winners2017 Judge and Adult Winners


Cakes, breads, jams, fruit & veg, flowers, knitting, photography. You'll find all sorts of home produce and art and crafts in the Handicraft Tent. Why not have a go? Have a look at this years schedule for more details.



Please have a look at the Livestock Page for entry forms. Last years results can be seen here.